This short was made in collaboration with my good friend Kalen Keir. Kalen provided sound design while I focused on animation and video, and we co-developed the story. It screened as part of the Hellavision Television Animation Show Episode 8 on June 20th at Trylon Cinema in Minneapolis.



Stop Motion Research

In 2018, I was awarded a $10,000 Artist Initiative grant by the Minnesota State Arts Board to pursue knowledge in the art of stop motion animation, specifically constructing ball-and-socket puppet armatures. The project ends in June. Follow my blog below.

Adam Loomis is a fiscal year 2018 recipient of an Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.



moving image / personal

Intern, Hellavision Television. 2019
Lifting, Hellavision Television. 2019
Mt. Holly Presents the 11 Piece Pocket Size Dinette Set. 2019
Why The Birds, Hellavision Television. 2018
Toadal Nightmare, Hellavision Television. 2017
-phony, Six Families. 2017
Snowprint Instructional Video, American Swedish Institute. 2017
Untitled, Cellular Cinema. 2015
Aging Tree, Cellular Cinema. 2014
Messages, Film North. 2014
Nokomis Flood, Northern Spark Festival. 2014
Reel Dream, Flyover Country Review. 2013
A Film Theory Experiment. 2013
in all honesty. 2011

moving image / commissioned

Laetitia, Double Grave. 2018
All My Heroes, Double Grave. 2017
The Stories They Told, American Swedish Inst. 2017
Orange Soda, Ego Death. 2016

art facilitation

Stop Motion Workshop, Film North. 2019
Animation A to Z, Walker Art Center. 2016

public installation

Remembering The Little Boy. 2013